Afternoon at Andrea’s

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My Etsy shop, Afternoon at Andrea’s, has introduced to me a new part of crafting that I haven’t explored much until the last few years: Making things to sell. Not making things as gifts for people, not making something for myself because I saw this great idea on Pinterest, but actually making things with nobody in particular in mind, for financial growth, and to share my crafts with strangers. I’ve been making things for my friends and family my whole life, and let me tell you, to get positive feedback from a stranger across the country is awesome. It’s like having your grandmother pinch your cheek your whole life and tell you what a pretty singing voice you have… When an unknown audience member compliments you after a concert, it’s a whole new ballgame. It’s like, “Ok, I believe you!”

Chris is taking a digital cinema class at Northern Michigan University this semester, and he needed my help with his latest assignment. It was his idea to make this assignment into something which could really be a lot of fun, and could quite possibly benefit me and Afternoon at Andrea’s. I spent Saturday afternoon making a new bag for my shop, and Chris filmed the process. Two birds with one stone. We had so much fun making this video, and I am so pleased with the outcome. We even made our own music for the video!

When the fabric samples on the rack at the furniture store are discontinued, they often just get discarded, and I don’t have the heart to see that happen. I started collecting the discontinued fabric samples and coming up with projects to suit the fabrics, like purses, quilts, and pet beds. Thus, a lot of what I make comes from these beautiful, recycled upholstery fabrics. The bags on Afternoon at Andrea’s are made from an adaptation of a Simplicity pattern.

Please visit Afternoon at Andrea’s now and then, easily accessed through my Crafts page, for new items. Etsy, as a whole, is an awesome marketplace for artists and crafters, and you never know what you’ll find!

Andrea Gardiner

I am an interior designer and crafter living in Marquette, Michigan. To view conceptual renderings, drawings and photographs of my work as an interior designer, please view my portfolio. Contact me if you’re interested in interior design services or custom crafts.


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