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I have an Etsy shop called Afternoon at Andrea’s, and a couple weeks ago, I was contacted about possibly being featured in a blog promoting Michigan-based Etsy shops. I was more than thrilled to accept the exciting offer. This was a whole new, invigorating experience. MiEtsy is managed by Tonya, a very sweet person who contacted me out of the blue and truly made my day.  

Tonya also has her own Etsy shop called Lonesome Pine Shoppe, featuring items like scarves and crocheted accessories. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can get random awesome accessories or outfits on a monthly basis, all while supporting a Michigan-based artist who in turn supports other Michigan-based artists on MiEtsy! It’s this whole awesome circle of creativity and networking that I am just so excited about. I can’t wait to get my new scarf in the mail!


This makes me really wish I could be a part of the 9th annual Detroit Urban Craft Fair, featured by Handmade Detroit, on December 6th and 7th, but I have to work that weekend. Major bummer, but you can all go in my stead and support all the amazing people whose talents will be shared. And if you don’t go to that, at least come to my work and make that weekend worth my while! *elbow jab* *wink* Heh…


I am running a 25% off coupon code through the end of 2014; just enter MIETSY25 during the transaction!



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