Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! (Review)

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Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!: A Puzzling Novel by C. Casey Gardiner can be found on Amazon and a slew of local bookstores in Metro Detroit. This first printing was funded on Kickstarter with the help of friends, family, and strangers.  I ought to admit that I am Casey’s little sister, so this book review is probably completely biased. That being said, I love Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!, and everyone should read it.

“A high school student is reacquainted with his imaginary friend from early childhood, a blue rabbit who warns him about the sinister forces gathering in his town and introduces him to the world of magic.” -C. Casey Gardiner

We follow Mark Volhovsky through his (quite literally) Earth-shattering story of discovery and mayhem. Previously disenchanted in a now enchanting world, Mark is a teenager in Warren, Michigan, with no choice but to save the world from all kinds of evil. Littered with fable and folklore, we get to delight in typography and illustration as we dive into a fantastical world, new and fresh but also somehow ancient and wise. There’s a history here, and a future. The world Casey has painted for us in Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! is a place I feel like I’ve been before, and I am eager to revisit.

There’s a history behind Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! reminiscent of Tolkien, a magic reminiscent of C.S. Lewis, and characters you’ve met and known your entire life. This is a mash-up of every crazy dream and nightmare I’ve ever had. Of course it’s crazy. Of course it’s weird. If it wasn’t crazy and weird, I’d have been disappointed. Covered in goosebumps, chills running down my spine, my nose stuck in the pages, my eyes were glued to Casey’s words until the last. This novel, categorized as metafiction and contemporary fantasy, is honest, smart, suspenseful, humorous, and thought-provoking.

I hope you read it.

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You can find Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!: A Puzzling Novel at the following locations in Metro Detroit, Michigan:

Lift Designer Toys & Gallery at 228 West 4th Street in Royal Oak

Mystic Mountain Gifts at 418 East 4th Street in Royal Oak

The Book Beat Bookstore at 26010 Greenfield Road in Oak Park

The Dovetail Coffee Shop at 29200 Hoover Road in Warren

And finally, The Ferndale Public Library, at 222 E. Nine Mile Rd, is hosting their first Read Local Author Fair on Saturday, October 19 from 2 to 5pm, where you can meet Casey, buy his book, and have him sign it! While you’re there, you can meet other authors from all over Michigan and buy their books too.

 I dare you to say “Rabbit!” three times fast.

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