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Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! (Review)

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A Puzzling Novel by C. Casey Gardiner

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!: A Puzzling Novel by C. Casey Gardiner can be found on Amazon and a slew of local bookstores in Metro Detroit. This first printing was funded on Kickstarter with the help of friends, family, and strangers.  I ought to admit that I am Casey’s little sister, so this book review is probably completely biased. That being said, I love Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!, and everyone should read it. Read More


Dia De Los Tacos

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Best Tacos In Town

Dia De Los Tacos is quickly becoming a favorite part of Marquette. Chris and I make our own tacos for dinner at least once a week. When we’re too lazy to cook for ourselves, we often chase down this awesome new taco truck. They just started within the last year, and every time I see the truck, it looks like business is booming. They must be doing something right. With all gluten-free menu items like tacos and pupusas, you’ll never go hungry. Types of tacos include pulled chicken, pulled pork, handmade chorizo, and black bean with poblano pepper, each topped with a variety of garnish and cheese. Read More


LaRose Wellness Retreat

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LaRose Wellness Retreat

The LaRose Wellness Retreat has been a wonderful project to be a part of, and my experiences with Cheryl LaRose, the aunt of my fiancé Christopher LaRose, have been just awesome. When Cheryl asked me to help her with her home and this Bed & Breakfast (minus the Breakfast) project, I was so excited. Of course I’ll help! We started brainstorming immediately. She had only a few short months before it would become critical for the rooms to be ready for guests to stay in. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a beautiful place to visit in the summer. Having migrated from Oakland County in the Lower Peninsula, I can speak from experience.  A week-long family vacation to a summer home in the UP can be an amazing, fun adventure for children, a much-needed breath of fresh air for parents, and an incredible experience for families and couples. And here’s Cheryl with this perfect spot, this dream home on Lake Superior, complete with a hot tub, sauna, fireplace, five bedrooms, outdoor pool, deck, enormous yard, and direct access to the cool, fresh water of Lake Superior. Simply amazing. Read More

Andrea Gardiner

I am an interior designer and crafter living in Marquette, Michigan. To view conceptual renderings, drawings and photographs of my work as an interior designer, please view my portfolio. Contact me if you’re interested in interior design services or custom crafts.


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