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Homemade Mole

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Mole Ingredients

Chris and I made a big batch of traditional Mexican Teloloapan Red Mole sauce (pronounced mo-lay) on Labor Day. The process took 5-1/2 hours. There are many different kinds of Mole, including Mole Poblano, and many different recipes to choose from. I tried Mole for the first time four years ago in Chicago. The cook was from Mexico, and her mole was amazing. Chris had tried mole before at Jalapeño’s in Pontiac, and he was amped. We decided then that we had to make it. Well, we did make it about a year ago, and it was awesome. Took us two days. This time around, it took us less time, and we seem to have it down to a science. And when I say science, I mean science. Homemade Mole is like one giant chemical equation, one giant scientific, kitchenific experiment. It is definitely a process, and that’s just to make the sauce, let alone use the sauce in dishes like tacos and enchiladas.
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Andrea Gardiner

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